True collaboration; Supporting local as much as possible; Diversity of perspectives; Creativity; Confidence; Leadership; Vision

What makes this characteristic the most important to you?

There are some key characteristics that are vital. Edmonton talks a lot about its brand as an open and collaborative community. In many ways however, there is a lot of isolation and hoarding. We need to get serious about really collaborating with each other. We also don't always start local when seeking out services and products. As much as possible, we need to start in Edmonton and work our way out. We need to support our own. And, opportunities will be created where gaps exist. Diversity of experiences in the discussions is vital to overcome confirmation biases and reinforcement of outdated or unproductive thinking. Edmonton is a creative community and we need to leverage that creativity with confidence. We won't always get it right, but we need to not be afraid of trying something new. A challenge that exists is in our City Council. There is a natural risk aversion and the policy process can be slow to catch up. These characteristics are all important, but collaboration is going to fundamental moving forward. When things are going great in the economy, its easy to work in isolation. Now that the nature of our economy is changing, we need to get real about working together.

Would you say that Edmonton already possesses this characteristic?

Not Sure

If yes, what organization or organizations exemplify the characteristic?

If no, how do you think we can improve in this area?

Taking risks and trying new things is a challenge for Edmonton. Edmonton is risk averse, our startups are seeking public funding to move forward and seem unwilling to risk their own resources or investor's resources. Our political and administrative leadership also struggles to lead the way. This is partly because our political system is not designed to be agile, it is designed to be stable. 

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