What makes this characteristic the most important to you?

We need to be considering all people, all skills and all views as we consider what will make us nimble and healthy for the future. For example, if we know AI will replace some jobs that are process driven in nature and we cannot replicate the human ability for certain discordane in thinking, then how can we focus thinking, strategy and funding on hard trades and STEM - sometimes at the expense of arts, culture and the 'soft skills'.  

And, we need to include voices and views of those marginalized in traditional systems. There is so much richness in views from people from around the world and from different life experiences... these views are a treasure trove for idea collision, innovation and big ideas to bloom!

Would you say that Edmonton already possesses this characteristic?


If yes, what organization or organizations exemplify the characteristic?

Canadian Equality Consulting (Calgary) and Spectrum Consulting (Edmonton)

If no, how do you think we can improve in this area?

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