See below:

What makes this characteristic the most important to you?

-Students leaving - universities are well known
-Strong networking (universities etc)
-Opportunity for both
-Sustainability - (agriculture, education)
- Less government interaction - more action drive
- CWB - attitude needs to change, start looking for better financing
- Need people who can step up (bigger goals)
- Mentorship
- We don't celebrate our successes
- ---> reach out to media
- ---> bring people together to Edmonton
- AI/ML how to tie into nanotech
- How to change mentality that we are an oil/gas province?
- Be more vocal **
- Encourage people to be more creative
- Cost of living is low - can attract people / reasonable housing

Would you say that Edmonton already possesses this characteristic?

Not Sure

If yes, what organization or organizations exemplify the characteristic?

If no, how do you think we can improve in this area?

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