Why Canada Saw a 60% Increase in FDI Last Year: G&M Article

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"Yet what’s even more important to global capital flows is talent – the new currency attracting more and more investors. Again, Canada is leading the way. Our universities, colleges and vocational institutions continue to produce top-tier talent that fuels this country’s growth.

Plus, the decades-long brain drain from Canada has shifted to a brain gain. In the past five years, Toronto and Vancouver have recruited more technology workers than San Francisco and Seattle combined.

What’s more, in 2018 a record high 572,415 international students came to Canada. These students can now fast-track to permanent residency and continue building Canada’s status as the world’s most educated work force.

And, yes, investors are taking notice. Our success in talent attraction and retention stands in stark contrast to what’s happening elsewhere in the world. Advantage: Canada."