Welcome to FutureYEG

Welcome to the FutureYEG Community. I am really pleased you joined us here. Edmonton Economic Development Corporation is incorporating this new tool into what we hope will be an ongoing conversation with Edmontonians. 

As we kick-off a series of public engagements with today’s summit, we wanted to make sure we had a place to capture your input, to keep you engaged in the conversation beyond the summit, and to have a space where we can challenge ourselves to think differently about the economy. 

As the morning unfolds, you will be asked to create your profile and use the FutureYEG Community to participate in activities and discussion. Be honest, be open, and be free with your feedback because it will ultimately lead to the best possible economic development strategy for Edmonton. 

At Edmonton Economic Development Corporation’s 2019 Impact Luncheon in January, we began a community conversation. During the summit, you will add to that conversation and provide necessary feedback that will help Edmonton plan for the future. 

In March of this year, EEDC’s mandate was revised to give the organization responsibility for developing economic strategy for Edmonton and making recommendations to City Council on implementing that strategy. Your contributions to the process are helping draw a roadmap for the future. While there are likely some tough decisions to be made, we also need to recognize the impact that Edmonton is having in the world.

Over the last several months, Edmonton has been recognized as a city to watch. It is third in the world for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research; it is ranked in the top 100 of cities to live; and it has been named the best place in Canada for youth to work. There is no question that Edmonton is a city on the rise, and it is exciting time to be an Edmontonian.

We also need to recognize that we are in a vitally important moment of transition and change. Edmonton has weathered the economic turbulence of the last several years better than other places, but we are not immune to shocks in our economy. 

Together, we must position Edmonton to leverage new opportunities that create prosperity while we build mechanisms to make our economy more resilient. Put more simply, we not only need to think about what we are doing for the economy in Edmonton today and tomorrow, but also what we want our economy to look like in 2050.

Creating a prosperous and resilient economy is too important for any of us to do alone. It is also something that none of us can do on our own. Thank you for raising your hand and for joining this important conversation.

Derek Hudson, CEO
Edmonton Economic Development Corporation