Guest Blog: Jen Panteluk

"I had the pleasure of participating in EEDC’s FutureYEG Summit and left feeling very optimistic about the future of our city. There was some rich conversation around the room and a common thread that kept surfacing was that our future economic success is all about relationships and having more forums for cross sector individuals to connect, converse and collaborate. Whether the relationships are about networking, mentorship, partnerships or how to move the needle forward, our community is looking for more ways to connect to help elevate our community as a whole so that everyone thrives and has the opportunity to live their best life. We need to build these relationships to support our local economy, help us expand outside our city and inspire the next generation that is coming up and will fill many important (and emerging) roles in our future. Personally I look forward to continuing this conversation and finding new ways to make Edmonton an even better community to live in."

Jen Panteluk

Director of Athlete Experience
ITU World Triathlon Edmonton | July 20-21, 2019