Monday's Panellist: Ian O'Donnell

IAN O’DONNELL, Executive Director, Edmonton Downtown Business Association

An advocate for resilient communities, Ian has had the pleasure of working both professionally and through his volunteerism on making Downtown a more livable, inviting and safe place.

Graduating from the University of Alberta (01’) with a degree in Economics, he has worked for leading developers, architects and now with the Downtown Business Association.

As the Executive Director of the DBA, his role is to work with stakeholders such as his member businesses, the City of Edmonton, the Province, EEDC, the Edmonton Police Service among many other great organizations to promote a vibrant, inclusive and beautiful Downtown core.

When not in the office, Ian volunteers or has volunteered for groups such as the Downtown Edmonton Community League, the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, Winter City Edmonton and has sat on the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues Planning Committee.

During his free time, you will find him travelling for a Formula 1 race around the globe, on a patio, at the newest Downtown restaurant or out on the hockey rink.